XX Alhama, City of Romances evening


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    Saturday 13 August – 22 h – Plaza de los Presos, Alhama
    “Somewhere in Granada, Alhama, commemorating Miguel de Cervantes and his passing through and writings about Alhama”.



    Guest of Honour
    Miguel Ángel Santaella Leal
    Director of IES Alhama

    Brief summary of tonight´s event aimed to the
    International Community from the Comarca by
    Alina & Lawrence William Strong

    Special Presentation of
    Grupo VoZ y JazZ Trio
    Víctor Burgos Salinas, actor and narrator.
    Pedro Andrade, seven cords guitar, acoustic and spanish.
    Arturo Cid, sax soprano, sax tenor and clarinet.
    Direction and coordination of the event
    Andrés García Maldonado & Raúl Galvez Morales

    José Ignacio Molina Benitez

    - - -

    Ayuntamiento de Alhama
    Concejalía de Cultura
    Patronato de Estudios Alhameños
    Alhama Comunicación

    Guest of Honour
    Miguel Angel Santaella Leal
     Born in Malaga, an electronics engineer by profession, Miguel Angel started his profesional career with jobs far away from teaching, in projects such as the Sewage treatment plant in Malaga or as technical director of the Carmen Theatre in Velez Malaga.

     He arrived to the IES Alhama on 1 September 2005 teaching for over ten years car electronics subject to secondary and baccalaureate students. He coordinated the Library project from its beginning and the Communication and technology project. As part of the management committee of the school, he has had the opportunity and responsibility to participate in the refurbishment of the IES Alhama.
     In 2011 he was made Director and he has successfully developed a team which supports his efforts to take the school to a higher level. He is admired and respected by his fellow teachers, staff, students and parents of the Institute, Alhama and the Comarca.

    For his important contribution to Alhama as an educator and for his commitment to youth, Miguel Angel Santaella Leal was unanimously voted to receive one of the “Premios of Alhama 2015” and also unanimously has been voted to be the guest of honour on the XX Velada de los Romances
    Summary of the performance

     “Somewhere in Granada, Alhama”, is a brief but very meaningful show where the audience dives, through the strong voice and personality of the actor Victor Burgos, into the words of Miguel de Cervantes reading from the famous works, where we meet Sancho, Dulcinea, the beautiful Galatea and himself Don Quixote de la Mancha.

     The music, creates the magic and the context where the event takes place, through the performance of Arturo Cid and Pedro Andrade, maybe the best jazz musicians in the country.

     Their capacity to improvise capturing the public energy and touching people´s sensibility as the performance develops guarantees the enjoyment of the evening; moreover, they play a variety of instruments included in their repertoire emphasising the text launched by the actor and the character of each piece.

    1.- Romance of the “Moro alcaide, moro alcaide”.
    2.- Musical Opening.
    3.- Somewhere in la Mancha.
    4.- Don Quixote versus the Giants (The windmills).
    5.- Musical Interlude.
    6.- The Galatea (Galatea´s Sonet).
    7.- From Sancho Panza to the inland medic.
    8.- Letter from Don Quixote to Dulcinea.
    9.- Epitaph of Don Quixote.
    10.- Romance “Ay de mi Alhama”.
    Alhama de Granada, agosto de 2016


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    Final publicidad

    A section of Alina and Lauwrence Strong
     Dear readers: This collaboration is aimed to provide the international community with information on the customs, events, history and important affairs happening in the Comarca de Alhama as seen from the immigrant perspective.
     With Other eyes will be written in English and we hope that it will also be helpful to students of the English language for their reading practice.
     We welcome comments in both languages and hope to increase the range of subjects to keep you informed. This will be the perfect excuse to visit all the towns and villages of the region and experience their important events to inform the international community who follow this page.
    Thank you all

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